Ren Hang

Ren Hang

phtographer, poet

Born in Changchun, Jilin Province, China, in 1987; based in Beijing.
He has had multiple solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad.
Photography works have been published in both Chinese and international magazines and books.
Winner of Premio Terna 03 (Terna Prize for Contemporary Art) in 2010.
Published solo photography books: Ren Hang, Room, Nude, My Depression and Republic.

Solo exhibition

2013 May [Pulse] Galerie Jane Zhang Frankfurt, Germany

2011 October [Stillbirth] YUGONG YISHAN live house Beijing, China
2011 October [ALLERGY] Ren Hang photography solo exhibition Kubrick Beijing, China

2010 October [INTERCOURSE WITH BEIJING] Ren Hang photography exhibition YUGONG YISHAN live house Beijing, China
2010 July [ Eat Naked Lunch!] RenHang photography exhibition YUYINTANG live house Shanghai, China

Group exhibition

2013 July-September FACELESS part 1 Museums Quartier Vienna, Austria
2013 July-September ATYPICAL Beijing Space, Beijing, China
2013 August As the resident artist by invitation of Vienna Museums Quartier
2013 May [Fuck Off 2] Chinese Contemporary Art Document Groninger Museum Netherlands
2012 January EQUAL RELATIONSHIPS Bilndspot Gallery HongKong,China
2013 Januar FUCK TABOO Camera16 Gallery Milan, Italy
2013 March A Miscellany of Arts---The Visual Rhetoric of the Young Generation Suzhou,China
2013 March REMOTE OLACES,CLOSE SPACES Street Level Photoworks Gallery Scotland, UK

2012 September Secret Love Oriental Museum in Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
2012 September Memory Lost and Found young artists group exhibition Beijing Space, Beijing, China
2012 July Central Academy of Fine Arts First CAFAM future development CAFA Art Museum in Beijing, China
2012 July FéROCES REN HANG / JORDANE YARDEN GAUDENZI Double photographic exhibition Avi Niang silk France
2012 May [Originate from energy resource] Multimedia Art Museum Moscow . Moscow Russia
2012 March [Symptoms], Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

2011 December FéROCES international photography festival 2011 France
2011 November [restaurant] Light Room photography exhibition J Gallery Shanghai China
2011 October [Sour sweet bitter spicy] four photographers’ exhibition angers France
2011 August Rencontres d'Arles festival -THE VIEWER exhibition Arles France
2011 July [recurrent shadows]selected works from three shadows photography Awards 2008-2011 HE XIANG NING art museum Sehenzhen, China
2011 May [ Young Movement] photography exhibition Iseael
2011 May [the fourth 54 international young art festival 2011] 798 art area Beijing, China
2011 April [three shadows photography award] three shadows photography art centre Beijing, China
2011 January Curated by Rong Rong –Qiu&Ren Hang INNER EAR. UCCA Beijing, China

2010 December The third TERNA comtemporary art exhibition . Rome, Milan, Italy
2010 December [WARMTH] 2010 -2011 new year art exhibition Shanghai, China
2010 November [new photography magazine photography exhibition ] group exhibition Hong Kong, China
2010 August 798 festival young [THIS THIS IS ME] with attitude photography exhibition Beijing, China
2010 May [INTO THE MOOD] art exhibition Hong Kong China
2010April CHINA CAOCHANGDI photography TORATORATORA photography exhibition CAOCHANGDI Beijing, China
2010 April [experiment] 2010 SCREENAGE art document exhibition SONG ZHUANG Art Museum Beijing, China

2009 December 80’s and Peaceful Evolution visual group exhibition Hong Kong, China
2009 September [femininity. Photography] international photography exhibition ‘paradise with love’feminity theme photography exhibition Nanjing, China
2009 August [private talk] photography exhibition Shanghai, China
2009 June [GENDER DIVISITY] art exhibition SONG ZHUANG Art Area Beijing, China