Kadir Van Lohuizen

Kadir Van lohuizen

I started to work as free lance photojournalist in 1988. In 1989 I joined photoagency Hollandse Hoogte in Amsterdam. In 1996 Agence VU in Paris.Over the years I have been working in many African conflicts: Sierra Leone, Angola, South Africa, Mozambique and former Zaire.

Israel / Palestine

Western Sahara, Israel / Palestine

1990 / 1991
South Africa / Mozambique

China, Mongolia, North Korea, South Africa

Russia, Uzbekistan, Angola

South Africa

1994 / 1995
Kashmir, Tibet, Russia / China, Hong Kong, Holland / Surinam, Sierra Leone, Holland / Tunisia

Angola, South Africa, West Africa

Zaire / Rwanda, India, USA / Mexico

Tibet, India, Mongolia

China, Angola, Russia

Jury member for the World Press Photo contest in February 2000.
Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Peru / Brazil, Colombia, Central Asia

Mexico, Siberia, Brazil, New York
Siberia - first film documentary on the Nenets and the gas industry for IKON television.

Jury member for the World Press Photo contest.
Colombia ?lm documentary for VPRO television on the oil industry and the ongoing conflict.
Russia, Danube, Ob, Mississippi, Bhopal, India

Cameroon ?hunting and poaching
Gaza ?the Khan Younis refugee camp
Gaza ?the Israeli settlements
USA ?Angola prison
Liberia ?the takeover

Sierra Leone ?the diamond industry
Russia ?exclusive nightlife
Angola ?the diamond industry
USA ?the prison system, christian fundamentalism and poverty
DR Congo ?the diamond industry
USA ?poverty in Mississippi State, living in Las Vegas
Russia ?female HIV prison

India ?the diamond industry.
Northern Siberia ?industrial ice fishing in the arctic

Different prizes at the Zilveren Camera in Holland.
World Press Photo 1997 2nd prize, spot news stories (Zaire, train to Kisangani)
Foundation ‘Vluchteling', winning 2nd prize and a honourable mention in contest about forgotten refugees
Dick Scherpenzeel prize for Sierra Leone (2000)

1993: Grant from the city council of Amsterdam, to produce a document on the life of one Moroccan immigrant family in Amsterdam. The project lasted for one year portraying the life of the family in Amsterdam and on their holiday to Morocco.
1995: Grant from the Anna Cornelis Foundation, to produce a document on the life of one Surinamese immigrant family in Amsterdam. The project lasted for one year portraying the life of the family in Amsterdam and on their holiday to Surinam.
2001: Grant from the Foundation for the Arts, Design and Architecture to finish the river project.

Leven in Verzet?he Palestinian uprising (1989)
Waar twee olifanten vechten?ivil war in Mozambique (1992)
www. tibet.chin.com?n the chinafication of Tibet (1999)
?deren?a book on the seven rivers in the world, also published in France and Germany (2003)
?iamond matters? the diamond industry (2005)

De Balie, Amsterdam, Israel (1989)
Canon Image Centre, Amsterdam, Mozambique (1992)
USVA photogallery, Groningen, Mongolia/China (1992)
Photo gallery Popular, Rotterdam, Mongolia/China (1992)
Museum of Ethnology, Leiden, Mozambique (1993)
Photo gallery Kleine Klup, Leiden, South Africa (1993)
City hall, Amsterdam, South Africa (1994)
Oog van Hoorn, Hoorn, Angola (1994) together with Ad van Denderen
City council archives, Amsterdam, Moroccan family (1995)
Amsterdam Historical Museum, Amsterdam, Moroccan family (1997)
Photo festival Naarden, Naarden, Surinamese family (1997)
Word Press Photo exhibition (1998)
Dutch Photo Institute, Rotterdam, Tibet (April 1999)
Photo gallery 21/2-41/2, Amsterdam, overview (1999)
Group exhibition Hamilton's gallery, London, Tibet (1996)
Evening screenings Visa pour L'image, Perpignan (1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000)
India International Centre, New Delhi, www.tibet.chin.com (2000)
Photo festival Naarden, Tibet (2001)
Museum of Ethnology, Leiden (2002), the Nenets and the gas industry.
FNAC gallery, Paris (2002), group exhibition
Dutch Photo Institute, war photography (2003), group exhibition
St. Petersburg, war photography (2003), group exhibition
Photo festival Skopelos, rivers (2003)
Institut Neerlandais, Les grands fleuves du monde (2003)
Kunsthal Rotterdam, rivers (2003)
L?eil sur Seyne, Les grands fleuves du monde (2004)
FOAM, Amsterdam, Diamond matters (2005)