Takehiko Nakafuji

Takehiko Nakafuji

Born in 1970 in Tokyo, Takehiko Nakafuji dropped out from his studies in Literature at Waseda University in order to obtain a degree in Photography from Tokyo Visual Arts, where he was a student of Daido Moriyama. He has produced several monochrome photography books from travels in Japan, Eastern Europe, Russia and Cuba.


1995 Night Crawler, Konica Plaza, Tokyo
1998 Enter the Mirror, Konica Plaza, Tokyo
1999 Winterlicht, Konica Plaza, Tokyo
2000 Enter the Mirror, Gallery Lux, Seoul, Corée
Deep Seoul, Gallery Niepce, Tokyo
2001 Bucuresti Days, Konica Plaza, Tokyo
From Hanoi to Saigon, Gallery Niepce, Tokyo
2003 Deep Havana, Konica Minolta Plaza, Tokyo
Trans Japan, Gallery Niepce, Tokyo
2005 Street Rambler – New York, Marunouchi Cafe, Tokyo
2006 From Bulgaria, Konica Minolta Plaza, Tokyo
Street Rambler – Shanghai, Lotus Root Gallery, Tokyo
Street Rambler – Russia, Gallery Niepce, Tokyo
2007 Fragments of Reality, Morioka Shoten, Tokyo
Exotica, Gallery Niepce, Place M, Tokyo
2008 Street Rambler – Vancouver, Gallery Niepce, Tokyo
Matapaan, Nido, Tokyo
2009 Sakhalin, Konica Minolta Plaza, Tokyo
2011 Night Crawler 1995 / 2010, Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo
Street Rambler – Tokio, Place M, Gallery Niepce, Tokyo
Winterlicht, Plac'Art Photo, Paris
2013 Sakuan, Matapaan: Hokkaido, Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo
Paris, Plac'Art Photo, Paris


2004 Club Paradiso, Kiyosato Photo Art Museum, Yamanashi
2005 Fragments of Reality, National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2008 A Just Report, Emon Photo Gallery, Tokyo
2011 nofound photo fair, Paris
2012 Worldwide@Young Portfolio, Kiyosato Photo Art Museum, Yamanashi
ASPHALT Exhibition, Tanto Tempo Gallery, Kobe


Kiyosato Photo Art Museum, Japan Young Portfolio 1999~2005
(67 photographs)


Enter the Mirror (Mole, 1997)
Winterlicht (Wides Shuppan, 2001)
Night Crawler 1995, 2010 (Zen Foto Gallery, 2011)
Sakuan, Matapaan (Zen Foto Gallery, 2013)
Paris (Funny Bones, 2013)