Stephane Loeber-Bottero

Stephane Loeber-bottero

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Biographical landmarks :
Since his introduction to photography in the mid-1970\'s, Loeber-Bottero has made a study of the timeless mass of architecture and the ephemeral delicacy of light. His artistic vision and photographic approach matured over the course of his travels, which included a two-year stay in the United States. Thanks to the advice of French artists, and after fifteen years of deepening and accumulation of photographs, he decided in 2001 to share his work in public. Starting in 1988, Venice, Italy became a city and subject of choice : the junction of personal destiny and one of the most spectacular expressions of mankinds creation and beautys victory. Since then, Loeber-Bottero started at one time series of photographs in Venice refering to spiritual, natural, night.
Important exhibitions took place in France between 2001 and 2005, including a first series on Venice-Nocturnes in the prestigious Parisian gallery Bernheim-Jeune.
Since 1999, Loeber-Bottero continues to build black-and-white series on the human body and portrait.
Since 2001, he works also on series inspired by California, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New-York, Las Vegas, Montreal, cities in Europe (Paris, Cannes, London, Oslo, Berlin, Florence, Siena, Barcelona, Amsterdam,...), the Mediterranean, car design and motor bikes.
Original gelatin silver black and white hand-printings, signed and restricted to 3 or to 8, are proposed for collectors. Other series are also limited to the maximum of 8 and printed under his personal supervision in Paris.