Bahada Fahad

Bahada Fahad

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Fahad Bahada is a photographic artist, who professions in optimistic images of the living world. He started his passion toward photography at very young age. His passion was well adapted and supported by his family which leaded his passion to turn into fascination and then to profession. His fascination towards photography was rapidly built up a nation-wide client base and worked on many prestigious campaigns, including photographing Best of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Volume 1 for GVPedia organization in 2011.

Fahad Bahada frequently reinvents his creative approach to his work to prove that a photographer has to be known through his creation not through his name. He believes that every picture has something to deliver beyond the word or a suffering story that no one can discuss. In 2009, his photograph “Alone” was awarded internationally as one of the top 50 photos of the year. Since his marvelous work of art "Symmetry" was on display to public in Professional Photographer Magazine December 2012 issue and gained good reviews from international critics and public.

November 2011, was good enough to the photographer to his winning the first place in Architectural Heritage Competition, indeed he won the first place in Al-Khaldiah Arabian Horse festival Competition in 2012. His winning game kept going well when his series " History of Mud" was nominated in Master Cup 2012 and four of his work were honorable mentioned in IPA Completion 2012. Recently, Mud Fingers topped Al- Fujairah Photography Award in theme of "Heritage, Tradition, and Craft" 2013.

Due to his reputation, he became a usual guest and photography trainer on the show called Icapture on Al-Majad Channel aired in 2011. Since then he started presenting some photography course such as fundamentals of photography, portrait OK, Breathing Skin, Let's Photograph ...etc.

Best of the Kingdom of the Saudi Arabia was added to his achievements when he was picked with two other photographers to photograph KSA for GVPedia organization, this book is distributed to all the embassies inside and outside the country, and luxurious hotels.

The key to Fahad’s genius lay in his noble and humanity “My dream is to deliver poverty suffering to public”. “My style is unique because I have a message to deliver to public and I pick the perfect time to shot the picture” he explained