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Rubrique(s) : Expositions > In the Face of History European Photographers in the 20th Century


In the Face of History European Photographers in the 20th Century

Emmy Andriesse Eugène Atget Brassaï Robert Doisneau Ed van der Elsken Seiichi Furuya Jitka Hanzlová Craigie Horsfield Sune Jonsson André Kertész Chris Killip Viktor Kolar Boris Mikhailov Anders Petersen Henryk Ross Inta Ruka Michael Schmidt Annelies Štrba Christer Strömholm Josef Sudek Wolfgang Tillmans S. I. Witkiewicz From the First World War to the Cold War, the sexual revolution to the Velvet Revolution, communism to capitalism, the 20th Century was marked by sweeping historical events and changes. In the Face of History brings together the work of many of the greatest photographers of this period, whose works collectively map out a century of European experience. One of the first major exhibitions to chart European photography from 1900 to the present day, In the Face of History features classic photographers such as Eugčne Atget, Josef Sudek and Brassaď , alongside contemporary artists such as Boris Mikhailov, Jitka Hanzlová and Wolfgang Tillmans. The exhibition also includes a number of photographers from the former Eastern bloc, with many works shown in the UK for the first time. All of the photographers are distinguished by a closeness to their subject matter, sometimes depicting these subjects during times of great conflict. André Kertész documented the realities of a soldier's life while serving in the Austro Hungarian army in the Great War. Henryk Ross, meanwhile, is represented by a series of shocking images which he took in secret while imprisoned in the Lodz ghetto in Poland during World War Two. Other photographers depict subtler currents of social and cultural change. Christer Strömholm lived amongst, and documented, a community of transsexuals in Paris in the 1960s. Annelies Strba shows photographs of her children's lives taken over a thirty year period. In the Face of History contains many powerful works, images distinguished by the emotional bond between photographer and subject, and offers a unique perspective on a century, as seen through the eyes of some of Europe's greatest photographers. Limited edition print A limited edition Jitka Hanzlová is available. For more details, visit Jitka Hanzlova Untitled, from Rokytník, 1994. Available to buy

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Seules les images fortement saisies ont la faculté de pénétrer profondément dans la mémoire, d'y rester, de devenir, en somme inoubliables. c'est pour moi le seul critère d'une bonne photographie.
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