Will Steacy

Will Steacy

Will Steacy

Né en 1980 aux États-Unis.
Vit et travaille à New York.

Issu de cinq générations de travailleurs de la presse, Will Steacy a d’abord été ouvrier syndiqué avant de devenir photographe et écrivain. Il a été nommé parmi les « 25 photographes américains de moins de 25 ans les plus prometteurs » par le Center for Documentary Studies et fait partie des « 30 photographes émergents » distingués par le journal Photo District News. Il est l’auteur deux livres acclamés par la critique, Photographs Not Taken et Down These Mean Streets (2012). Il est titulaire d’une bourse de l’Aperture Foundation Green Cart et de la bourse Tierney. Son travail a notamment été présenté dans The New Yorker, Esquire, Harper’s, Aperture, Forbes, Time, Wired, The Guardian, Newsweek, sur HBO et CNN. Il a été invité sur les plateaux de NPR, de la BBC et de PBS.

Will Steacy (b. 1980) comes from five generations of newspaper men and was a union laborer before turning to
photography. It is not surprising, given his upbringing and work history, that writing is as much a part of Steacy’s
DNA as picture-making. “While most may be familiar with my images, it is the words that got me there. Both
words and images are an integral part of my process. During the course of a project I fill tons of notebooks with
ideas, plans, notes, experiences, dreams, etc., and I continue to fill these notebooks as I make photographs. I am
writing as I am shooting and it is my writing that I return to between trips/shoots. The words allow the pictures
to happen; they are the bridge to the other side.”

Writing often accompanies the display of Steacy’s photographs. He has also taken full advantage of digital
platforms to give us stories and commentaries that are, by turns, intensely introspective, poetic, uncensored, and
full of insight, outrage, and bitter truths. Will Steacy’s personal reportage can be found in his much-discussed
blog, Will Steacy, Too Tough To Die (http://willsteacy.blogspot.com).

Born in New Haven, CT, and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Will Steacy received his B.F.A. from New York
University in 2003. He was named one of Photo District News’ 30 Emerging Photographers To Watch in 2011,
and is also the recipient of prestigious awards such as The Tierney Fellowship and The Aperture Foundation-
Illumination Fund Green Cart Photography Commission.

Will Steacy’s work has been widely exhibited, collected, and featured on CNN, NPR, and BBC, and in The New
Yorker, The New York Times, Esquire, Harper’s, Time, Newsweek, and The Guardian, among others. His books
include The Monstropolous Beast (Christophe Guye Galerie, 2010), Photographs Not Taken (Daylight, 2012),
and the forthcoming Down These Mean Streets (B. Frank Books, fall 2012).

The artist currently divides his time between New York and Philadelphia. He is represented by Michael Mazzeo
Projects in New York and Christophe Guye Galerie in Zurich, Switzerland.