Steve MacLeod

Steve Macleod

Steve Macleod was born in Thurso, in the Scottish Highlands, 1965. He trained as an Engineer at Dounreay Nuclear Power Station before working offshore on Oil Platforms. In 1988, he decided to abandon this and pursue his interest in art and photography, and enrolled at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen. Due to his interest in history and politics, Photojournalism became a natural choice and whilst still at college, he worked in Eastern Europe covering stories on social unrest and underground cultures. Macleod graduated in 1992 with a BA (hons) degree in Photography and the following year completed a Masters Degree in Photographic Theory and chemistry. After graduating, he moved away from Photojournalism but continued to work as a successful commercial photographer, and staged exhibitions of his personal photographic projects. Macleod currently works as Creative Director at Metro Imaging, London, whilst pursuing his personal photographic projects.