Sabine Guédamour

Sabine Guédamour

Sabine Guedamour is a free-lance photographer living in Paris, France.

For several years, she studied and worked in the US and especially has been involved with Tilt Gallery, a Phoenix-based gallery dedicated to photographic historical processes. This experience has given her new avenues to explore and also the courage to develop her ideas and dreams. Her work focuses on story-telling and the relationship, all of us may have to the passing of time and history.

Although she has adopted the digital technologies ; she continues to cherish and explore the old ways with the attempt to mastering historical processes such as palladium printing. Pinhole photography has also been one of her instrument of choice to capture light and time.

In 2008-2009, she returned to France and decided to study at SPEOS, Paris Photographic Institute.

While continuing her activities with Tilt Gallery and developing her photographic projects, she is currently working for the Galerie Esther Woerdehoff.