Ilya  Piganov

Ilya Piganov


Piganov Ilya - Biography

Ilya Piganov

1964 Born in Moscow

Lives and works in Moscow

Personal Exhibitions

1986 Ilya Piganov. Hermitage Garden, Moscow

1989 Ilya Piganov. City Exhibition Room, Nikolayev; Finphoto Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

1992 Ilya Piganov. STudio 20 Gallery, Moscow

1993 Ilia Piganov. Pont Neuf, Paris

Ilya Piganov. STudio 20 Gallery, Moscow

1994 Music for December. Griboyedov Canal, St. Petersburg

Ilya Piganov. Dar Gallery, Moscow

Volume 1. Central House of the Artist, Moscow; State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

2000 Persian Carpets. Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera), St. Petersburg

2001 Churches in Early 20th-Century Photography and Cinematography. Ulitsa O.G.I. Gallery, Moscow

2004 Sans titre. VP Studio Gallery, Moscow

2005 Volume 2. A.V. Shchusev Museum of Architecture, Moscow