Gregory Eddi Jones

Gregory Eddi jones

Gregory Eddi Jones (b. 1986) is an artist, writer, and publisher based out of Rochester, NY. His practice is focused on exploring photographic products through the theories, applications, and processes of the digital medium. Since 2009, Jones has explored a wide-range of subject matter and topics, including the classical landscape, constructed narratives, issues of American identity and cultural consumption, new media tropes, sports, and history. Over the past five years, Jones has photographed and exhibited widely. He has pursued photographic projects in Croatia, Bosnia, Paris, Beijing, Niagara Falls, New York City, and throughout various locations in the continental United States. In addition, he has recently exhibited his work at Site 109 in New York City, Strange Neighbour Gallery in Melbourne, Australia, Ningbo Museum of Art in Zhejiang Province, China, The Organ House in Chongqing, China, and was included in Pictured Past Future Perfect, a web-based curatorial project by Susan Dobson and Allison Nordstrom.

In June of 2012, Gregory founded In the In-Between: Journal of Digital Imaging Artists. In the In-Between is a web-based magazine and research platform dedicated to exploring the theories, processes and applications of photographic production within the digital medium. To date, he has published over fifty interviews, reviews, portfolios and profiles of contemporary image-makers and their antecedents.

In October 2014, Jones published his first book, Another Twenty-Six Gas Stations. The book is included in the collections of Visual Studies Workshop and the Brooklyn Museum Library.