Girma  Berta

Girma Berta

Girma Berta is a dynamic young artist based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia whose work infuses street photography with fine art. Born in Addis Ababa in 1990, Berta studied Information Technology graduating in 2009. As a self-taught artist, his drive is to tell the every day stories of his community. His most distinctive style is demonstrated in the Moving Shadows Series, where cutouts of street laborers and ordinary people are set against a backdrop of colour, illustrating his mastery of capturing poignant moments of everyday life and offering an imagined interpretation of everyday situations.

Berta has used Instagram as a platform to share his images with the rest of the world and has a loyal following of over 17500. His work has been featured in The Guardian, Okay Africa, Design Indaba and Art Africa. Exhibitions include, PhotoVille NY (2015), Bamako Photo Fest (2015), Look3 Festival, NY (2016).

Now represented by Addis Fine Art, Berta’s works are now available for sale via AFA Gallery with planned exhibitions in London, Paris and Addis Ababa in 2016.