Elinor Carucci

Elinor Carucci

Née en 1971 en Israël. Vit et travaille à New York.

Elinor Carucci est représentée par la Edwynn Houk gallery à New-York.
Ses expositions d'ampleur internationales ont été produites au Herzlia Museum for Contemporary Art, à la Edwynn Houk gallery, au Fifty One Fine Art Gallery, ou encore à la Gagosian gallery de Londres.

Ses photographies sont présentes dans certaines collections muséales aux Etats-Unis (The Museum of Modern Art of New York, Brooklyn Museum of Arts, Institute Center of Photography, The Jewish Museum, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, etc.), en Europe et en Israël.

English version :

Elinor Carucci was born in Israel and lives and works in New York.
Carucci's work is an intimate glimpse into her life and that of her parents, husband and children. As Carucci explains:
'The camera is, in a sense, both a way to get close, and to break free. It is a testimony to independence as well as a new way to relate to the world.'

Her initial photographs often depicted her mother and now as a mother herself she frequently depicts her own children.
Solo exhibitions in London include The Photographers Gallery in 1998 and Gagosian Gallery in 2003.