Troi  Anderson

Troi Anderson

Troi Anderson is a fine art, documentary photographer based in Portland, Oregon. Troi began his career working in Magnolia Pictures and later, as a Merchant Marine sailing throughout Asia and the South Pacific. He is the author of two books, Shadows of Time and Decay, Mark Batty Publishers. His work has been featured on CNN, GeoFrance, TIME Lightbox, The Oregonian, Black and White and the photo collective, Verve. Troi's photography has been exhibited in the Blue Sky Drawers program and has been named one of the Emerging Artists of 2014 by Daniel Cooney Fine Art and Musee Magazine. His work was selected for Px3 2014, 2014 Smithsonian Photography Awards, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards, Aperture Summer Open 2014, IPA International Photography Awards 2014, PX3 White Competition 2015 and the Palm Springs Photography Festival Screenings 2015. He has worked for the humanitarian organization CARE in Haiti.