Sophie Chevalier

Sophie Chevalier

(Professionnel) #Photographe #Impression Fine Art #Reportage
Sophie Chevalier was born in France, in a small town of Burgundy. During her childhood, she spent her time drawing and creating her own and singular world.

Years later, she studied Fine Arts in France and in Canada, with a Georges Perec approch, cultivating interest in the small things forgotten for their nonsense or few sense.
She used to express her art through the mediums of lithography, drawing, writing, photography and video.
The interchange she spent in Montreal, Canada, changed her way to see her art and her life.
Video and photograph took an important place in her approch and she began to shoot her first art projects.

Back to France, she decided to live one year in Germany working for a small TV production. There, she developped shooting and editing skills.

Then, she moved to Spain, curious to learn new languages and to realize an art project, a street installation, collecting testimonies to feed a book dealing with ”Did you become what you wanted to be?”.

Meanwhile, she went back to school, to perform her technic in photography. The same year, she joined Cine Forum, a collective of cineasts, as director of photography and realized various short movies.

She also wrote the scripte and directed “ Pie of Life”.
In 2009, she left the Spanish collective and went to Mexico to work for a company producer in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas. There, she met Omar Zeballos and both decided to create their own company producer Galimaci.

Since, she developped various documentary projects, in France, Chile and Mexico.
In 2013, two documentaries will be finished for distribution and two others are waiting for their production.