Qafzezi Leon

Leon QAFZEZI(Writer-Cinematographer-Critic)

Live and work in Albania.Graduated in Academy of Art in Tirane(1977)Worked some time in village for experience of life.(1977-1983)Worked in Film -Studio"New Albania"and "Alb-Film Distribution"in duty,producer,inspector films,and actor...(1986-1992)Head of "Eagle Film Albania"(1992-2004) Editor and Chief of "FILM"magazine(1992-2002)
Since (1993-1998)worked in "Albania State Television"in duty Director in Film Department and Screenwriter ,Director o Photography in Programming Department.
Filmed in Albania,USA,France,Italy,Germany..Author of several books for cinema,novels,poetry,album photography,and critic films in albania periodic and magazines...Author of numerous documentaries films for television.
Now is Independent writer and cinematographer..Photography is a big passion.