Patrick Tombola

Patrick Tombola

Patrick Tombola is a multimedia photographer and videojournalist that concentrates on long-term personal projects and editorial work in the Middle East. Over the past 3 years he has covered the ongoing uprising in Egypt, 2 wars in Gaza, the Syrian conflict and the turmoil in Turkey.

He has been shortlisted at Lumix Festival, Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation, FOTO8 and Head On Festival amongst others and has exhibited his work in Italy, England, Australia and France.

His reportages have been published in Die Zeit, Vanity Fair, Welt Am Sonntag, Brand Eins, The Economist, L'Espresso, The Telegraph, Deutsche Welle amongst many others.

He worked for several broadcasters including Channel 4, Globalpost, NDR TV, RCN and SBS.

His studies in political economy and law have strongly influenced his ethics, journalistic approach and passion for social justice. In video and photography he has found both a vehicle for mass communication and one of personal introspection.