Olivier Pin-Fat

Olivier Pin-fat

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Anglais. Né en décembre 1969 à Norwich, Norfolk. Vit à Bangkok, Thaïlande. Le travail de reportage de ce Sino-britannique installé à Bangkok depuis plus de dix ans, est animé par une grande liberté visuelle, par un sens de l'urgence, par une nécessité d'interroger les croyances et pratiques de l'Asie. Il s'apparente à l'enquête d'identité de celui qui, tendu entre deux cultures, a choisi d'interroger celle qui à la fois lui est la plus étrangère et le fascine le plus. Cherchant sans cesse à repousser - tant il s'approprie les croyances asiatiques sur les «esprits» et autres fantômes - les limites de la représentation directe pour privilégier des impressions qui s'articulent pour questionner un univers instable, il impose des images inclassables.

We have never been confronted by such images, which are so direct, so devoid of romanticism and yet so sensitive at the same time. Pin-Fat presents his work in gigantic albums, which refer more to the format of 'real' cinema than to documentary, emphasizing the fascinating aspect of his generous as well as disturbing approach. Finding the same chaos that shakes the world in the organization of his own work, Olivier Pin-Fat seems to wish to force us to ask ourselves what is 'really' happening around us." - Christian Caujolle, writer, photography critic & founder of Gallery VU and Agence VU.

Olivier Pin-Fat was born in Norfolk, England in 1969, to a French/Breton mother and Chinese father. He left Great Britain for Asia at the age of 23 to pursue photographic engagements with the 'unknown'.

His work has been exhibited all over the world, including Gallery VU (Paris), Noordelicht (Holland), Photo Espana 2001 (Madrid), Paris Photo (2000, 2005 & 2007), Foto Biennale of Rotterdam, Pingyao and Lianzhou International Photo Festivals 2001 & 2006 (China), Agnes B (London), The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Recontres Internationales de Photographie (Arles, France), Le Centre d'Art Contemporain de Basse-Normandie (France), '(About) Photography Gallery' (1996, Bangkok), '(About) Studio' (Bangkok, 1998) & Khatmandu Gallery (2007, Bangkok) - to mention a few.

His work has appeared in leading international publications and is in numerous private collections.

From 1998 until 2008, he was a member of 'Gallery VU' and 'Agence VU' in Paris.

His work is "founded on a great visual freedom, a sense of urgency" - images from the 'real' which have "a sensitive, astonishing, fictional and lyrical dimension."
"Unceasingly seeking to repudiate the limits of direct representation to favour impressionism, questioning an unstable universe, his images are unclassifiable."
Christian Caujolle.

Gratefully free of the weighty, claustrophobic and limiting labels of 'photo-artist' or 'photo-journalist' - he simply likes to see himself as a 'photographer' - a practitioner of a visual medium, that to him, is about 'story-telling,' inner and outer, and of the taut schizophrenic inter-play between the two. He believes photography has an inner life of its own that speaks for itself. He works with film only, and sees no need to electronically manipulate his images. To him, photographs are almost always given as opposed to taken, & he continues to follow this mantra.

(He also continues to live in Asia and to photograph.
In 2007, he was short-listed for the 'Leica European Publishers Award.')