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inès dieleman

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Inès Dieleman graduated from the School of Visual Arts in Paris. After earning her degree with honors, Inès worked as an Art Director in the two leading advertising agencies in France.

Inès has become one of today’s leading still life photographers for luxury, cosmetics & entertainment. She has been developing an utmost pictorial work on portraits, carving characters with light instead of painting them.

The two specific features that define her image are the way she drives herself the post-production, working as a painter and her very personal ligthing.

Thanks to her experience, she approaches images that appear in turns out of time, smoothly and powerfully, with the same mastering of framing and colors.

Inès’s editorial partners include Please!, GQ, Numéro, Mixte, l’Officiel, DS, Vogue Allemagne, Vogue Gioiello, Amica, Optimum & Faux Q.

Some of her advertising clients include Cartier, Lancôme , HR, Shiseido, Hermès, Zegna, Georg Jensen, Roger Dubuis, Roc, Saint Louis, Sanofi, Paco Rabanne, YSL.

She has exposed two major works throughout her career:

- « LUX » in 2007, with Franck Dieleman.

- « Archéologie » in 2012, with Michel Maidenberg.

Inès Dieleman lives in Paris managing her own studio and digital retouching.