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Bonjour, je recherche un stage conventionné dans le domaine de la photographie (studio, publicitaire) à Paris à partir de juillet.
Je fais pratique quotidiennement la photographie, et j'aimerais pouvoir intégrer le temps d'un temps une équipe pour comprendre les rôles de chacun et les atentes du milieu professionnel.
Mon blog: http://kumo09.blogspot.com/
N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour consulter mon portolio photo et mon CV.

Tony- Etudiant aux Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg.

Par Seize, le 22/04/2010 à 20h47

I just sent a request for frined on my space. That is another ironic thing about my space .that sounds so elementary. It\'s like saying ..Do you like me Yes____or No______ but according to the content within my myspace site I will utilize the privacy option. However, I removed the restricted privacy this morning .but went ahead and added you simply because I will put it back on at some point. Slows down the proverbial spammers and sexual engineers (politically correct terminology for perverts )..I have managed to get the back ground changed. I have traces of the other profile left that I had edited out side the cookie cutter template I used before. Oh, not to mention removing the big Yellow NCAA highlight box .since the NCAA tourney is over. But now that I have changed the background I can get down to customizing it like I want in the boxes.Actually I am reading some of your tutorials now on the contact box and looking for the extended banner generator thing.Keep a check on it because it usually takes me a few hours to move and copy stuff and fix what I see that needs rearranged. I rearranged it by my standards on the last profile I had it will take me some time to figure out where I hid all the stuff.

Par pmWvTmqxTaGzSNqIuF, le 10/11/2012 à 19h36

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