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Photographer for the Football World Cup 2010 in South Africa

Hi there,
I'm a professionnal photographer living beetween Paris and Réunion Island (Indian Océan)
specialized in sports reports and event photography for press magazine.
I offer you my services for the Football World Cup 2010 in south Africa, country that
i know very well because i was there 5 times and the plane ticket is less expensive
from Reunion Island compare from Paris or London.
I'm equiped with digital camera hight définition Nikon D3x, D700 and D300s with professionnal
lenses and i'm used to work with big photographic agency : i do good pictures with
very good quality, optimised for the web and uploaded very quickly.
You can visit my website and see my personnal work on http://www.leplegephoto.com/
and if you're interested by my proposition, you can contact me by mail at serge@leplegephoto.com
or by phone at + 262 692 04 20 74

Serge Leplège
Professionnal Photographer
Reunion Island
mobile : + 262 692 042 074

Par LEPLEGE, le 03/02/2010 à 11h53

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