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I'm looking a photographer for one hour in Paris


I'm Spanish and I\'m looking for a photographer who could get used to me and my partner a few pictures. I will propose her to marry me next to the Eiffel Tower and I would like to have a few nice photos to have a good memory of the day.

It will be at 24th of March (this month), so if someone is interested or knows someone who could do it, please contact with me for the price and the other details. Thank you so much!

My email: suren1919@gmail.com

Par Español, le 12/03/2012 à 16h40

hi, my name\'s kris, u can see my portfolio at www.krisomaley.com,
Usually i take 300€ for a \"duo lifestyle\" i can do it for 250€ , u\'ll get all the pictures on a CD, 5 printed pics and a web gallry on my website.
if u\'re interested let me a mail.
see u soon


Par kris, le 12/03/2012 à 21h17

do you have an email to talk better? thank you

Par Español, le 15/03/2012 à 22h29

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