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Recherche étudiant/amateur en photo pour demande en mariage

Je vais le demander en mariage mon petite amie en paris environ 21.8.2017. Mon budget est très serré. Aussi, je préférer si le photgraphe parle anglais. Merci!

Par OP, le 29/03/2017 à 05h06

Really nice to photograph your marriage proposal, great idea.
I'm not based in paris but in south of France, but have a look on my web site https://www.christinefeydemaret.com.
If you could give me more details about what for a delivery you want : duration, style, budget. Don't hesitate to contact me through my website "bio-contact", we can talk about your budget.
Have a nice day

Par christine FEY-DEMARET, le 29/03/2017 à 08h45


I am a photographer, specialized in portrait.
I live in Paris. I propose you my profile for the realization of the photographs
My web site

I do quality work, with high definition photographs. The photographs are retouched, in color and black and white. They are available one week later on usb, or cd.

You can contact me at this email

thank you

Par justine, le 29/03/2017 à 14h53

Hi OP,

I am a french portrait and wedding photographer based in Chatou, a small city close to paris (west of Paris).
This is a very good idea to call on a photographer for your wedding proposal. I offer you my services for your event.
Can you contact me on my email adress to get more details of your expectations and my services.
Best regards,


Par MB photographie, le 31/03/2017 à 09h17

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